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Add Abuse Contact To Organisation Object

  1. If you do not have the organisation object’s maintainer password, you may need to ask your sponsoring LIR to add the “abuse-c:” attribute for you.
  2. If you have lost the password for your organisation object please follow the link "Forgotten MNTNER password?".
  3. Even if your organisation object already has an “abuse-mailbox:” attribute, it must also contain an “abuse-c:” attribute (according to RIPE-563). This form will automatically create the “abuse-c:” attribute for you.
Organisation Details
More Information

This form will create an “abuse-c:” attribute in your organisation object. The "abuse-c:" attribute is contained within the organisation object, and references a role object. The role object contains an "abuse-mailbox:" attribute listing your abuse email address.

This change must be authenticated using the organisation object’s maintainer password.

For more information on the abuse-c policy, refer to RIPE-563.