Add Abuse Contact To Organisation Object

  • 1. If you do not have the organisation object’s maintainer password, you may need to ask your sponsoring LIR to add the “abuse-c:” attribute for you.
  • 2. If you have lost the password for your organisation object please follow the link on the right hand side "Forgotten MNTNER password?".
  • 3. Even if your organisation object already has an “abuse-mailbox:” attribute, it must also contain an “abuse-c:” attribute (according to RIPE-563). This form will automatically create the “abuse-c:” attribute for you.
Organisation Details
More Information

This form will create an “abuse-c:” attribute in your organisation object. The "abuse-c:" attribute is contained within the organisation object, and references a role object. The role object contains an "abuse-mailbox:" attribute listing your abuse email address.

This change must be authenticated using the organisation object’s maintainer password.

For more information on the abuse-c policy, refer to RIPE-563.

RIPE Database Software Version 1.78