# Why did I receive an Error 201: Access Denied?

There are several cases when this might occur. Please see below for the one which applies to your situation:

  • You (or your application) performed too many queries that returned contact information (e.g. person or role objects) from the RIPE Database. There is a daily limit on the amount of personal data returned as described in the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Even if you queried for other types of objects, the associated contact information is returned by default. To avoid this situation please use the "-r" flag to prevent any associated contact information from being returned.
  • You used a proxy server to access the RIPE Database (such as a third-party web query interface). In this case, it is likely that the proxy itself was denied access to the database. Please contact then administrators of the server you were using and discuss this situation with them. They may need to contact the RIPE Database administration ripe-dbm@ripe.net team to request further access.
  • If none of the above describes your situation, please contact the RIPE Database administration team ripe-dbm@ripe.net to discuss the problem further.

# How do I generate glue record for a DOMAIN object?

Here is an example:

domain: 8.8.8.e164.arpa
descr: Example domain for the reserved prefix +888
nserver: ns1.8.8.8.e164.arpa
nserver: ns2.8.8.8.e164.arpa
nserver: ns1.example.net
nserver: ns2.example.net

In this example, the first two "nserver:" attributes contain one glue IP address. THe last two "nserver:" attributes do not need glue, as they are in a different domain - example.net.

# How will I know what to fix if the DOMAIN object update failed?

The responses from our server will include diagnostic messages. You can get further help by sending an email to ripe-dbm@ripe.net.

# How long until an update appears in the DNS?

If you see a message saying that your update was successful, it will be visible in the DNS after around an hour.

# Which TTL value is used?

We will use the default value for the e164.arpa zone. If you need a specific TTL (Time to Live) value, send an email to enum-request@ripe.net.