# Getting Started on macOS

It is recommended to use Brew (opens new window) for quick installation of required binaries.

# Java

# Installation

Install OpenJDK 17 or higher.

# Using Brew (opens new window)

  • Run brew install openjdk

# Manually

  • Download and manually install OpenJDK from https://adoptium.net/

Make sure after installation that running java -version reports the correct Java version.

# Multiple Java versions

If you have multiple Java versions installed, ensure that you have $JAVA_HOME set, and that the $PATH contains $JAVA_HOME/bin.

# Maven

Maven can be installed through Brew (opens new window): run brew install maven

# Git

Git (opens new window) can be installed via Apple's Xcode Command Line Tools or Brew.

If Brew is installed, Git should already be installed, as it requires Apple's Xcode Command Line Tools.

# Git Bash completion (optional)

Bash can complete Git commands, but it needs additional setup.

# Using Brew (opens new window)

The Git formulae ships Git's bash completion:

  • Run brew install git

bash-completion is required for bash completion to work. Depending on which bash is used, a different formulae must be installed:

  • For Homebrew's bash (>= v4): Run brew install bash-completion@2
  • For macOS's bash (v3.2.57): Run brew install bash-completion

Read the formulae's caveats for instructions on how to activate bash-completion by adding a line in your .bash_profile.

# MariaDB

# Installation

The easiest way of installing MariaDB is through Brew (opens new window): run brew install mariadb

# Configuration

Configure MariaDB