# Ideas from dev


# Make it actually REST

Have an unique URL associated with each object, call that resourceUrl, e.g. http://rest.db.ripe.net/ripe/mntner/ninja-mnt. Support REST operations on this URL (GET, PUT, DELETE, ...).

Other features, like versions, can be included too, e.g.:

GET http://rest.db.ripe.net/ripe/mntner/ninja-mnt?version=65
GET http://rest.db.ripe.net/ripe/mntner/ninja-mnt?versions

# Versioning

Even better, we could have built-in versions to avoid accidental PUTs, like this:

PUT http://rest.db.ripe.net/ripe/mntner/ninja-mnt?version=21

We could also include current version into all returned objects.

# Authentication

We could totally authenticate all REST API calls, so as to avoid bans for a user excessively querying their own data.


GET http://rest.db.ripe.net/ripe/mntner/ninja-mnt?password=hajime
DELETE http://rest.db.ripe.net/ripe/mntner/ninja-mnt?password=hajime

We could even support PGP auth in the REST API by adding an optional signature queryparam to all operations, e.g.

PUT http://rest.db.ripe.net/ripe/mntner/ninja-mnt?signature=h76G6...