# Related Software and Tools

# RIPE Database Tools

The RIPE Database is a BSD licensed open source project on Github (opens new window). You can read, verify and contribute to the source code. If you find a bug in the RIPE Database, please ket us know (opens new window). On this page you can find an overview of all tools to help you manage your RIPE Database objects.

# Reset a lost MD5 maintainer password

If you lost your MD5 password, you can use this form to request a reset. It requires you to log in with your RIPE NCC Access (SSO) account (opens new window), which you can create if you don't have one yet. If possible, the process should be completely automated, but in some cases it may require intervention from a Customer Services representative. Please note that our policy is to replace a lost MD5 password with a RIPE NCC Access (SSO) account, as this is more secure and allows you to reset a lost password seamlessly in the future.

# My Resources

My Resources (opens new window) offers an overview of all IPv4, IPv6 and ASN resources you hold or sponsor at a glance. It displays allocation usage, as well as an overview of all more specific ranges that have been created under each allocation. An inline editor allows for intuitive updates.