# Appendix C- RIPE Database Query Server Response Codes and Messages

If the server encounters a problem, an error message is returned as a query result. The format of an error message is as follows:


where # is the error or response code and <message> is a short description of the problem. There are no white spaces in this line, except in the <message> string. This maybe followed by a more descriptive message, each line of which starts with % followed by a white space and some text.


% This is the RIPE Database query server. 
% The objects are in RPSL format. 
% The RIPE Database is subject to Terms and Conditions.  
% See http://www.ripe.net/db/support/db-terms-conditions.pdf 
%ERROR:101: no entries found  
% No entries found in the selected source(s).

# Query Errors

%ERROR:101: no entries found No entries were found in the selected source(s).

%ERROR:102: unknown source Unknown source was supplied as argument to the -s query ag. Use -q sources for a list of available sources.

%ERROR:103: unknown object type Unknown object type is specified as an argument to the -T query flag.

%ERROR:104: unknown attribute Unknown argument is specified to the inverse query flag (-I). See Queryingthe RIPE Database for more information.

%ERROR:105: attribute is not searchable The argument specified for the inverse query flag is not a searchable attribute. See Queryingthe RIPE Database for more information.

%ERROR:106: no query argument specified No query argument has been specified in the query.

%ERROR:107: input line too long Input exceeds the maximum line length.

%ERROR:108: bad character in input An invalid character was passed in the query. The only allowed characters are letters,numbers and -_:+=.,@/?'

%ERROR:109: invalid combination of flags passed The specified query flags cannot be included in the same query.

%ERROR:110: multiple use of flag The same flag cannot be used multiple times.

%ERROR:111: invalid option supplied Query flag that does not exist was given. Use the help query to see the valid options.

%ERROR:112: unsupported query -mM query options are not allowed on very large ranges/prefixes.

%ERROR:114: unsupported query Search key doesn't match any known query types.

%ERROR:115: invalid search key Search key entered is not valid for the specified object type(s).

%ERROR:116: unsupported query Versions are not supported for PERSON/ROLE objects.

%ERROR:117: version cannot exceed X for this object Versions are numbers greater or equal to 1 but cannot exceed the object's current version number.

# Access Errors

%ERROR:201: access denied Access from the host has been temporarily or permanently denied because of excessive querying. You should contact a customer service representative (opens new window) to discuss this problem.

%ERROR:202: access control limit reached Limit of returned objects has been reached. The connection is terminated. Continued attempts to excessively query the database will result in permanent denial of service. See section Access Control for Queries for more information.

%ERROR:203: address passing not allowed The host is not registered as a proxy and is not allowed to pass addresses on the query line (-V ag). See section Access Control for Queries for more information.

# Connection Errors

%ERROR:301: connection has been closed The connection is administratively or abnormally closed.

%ERROR:302: referral timeout The connection was closed due to referral timeout.

%ERROR:303: no referral host Referral host cannot be found.

%ERROR:304: referral host not responding The connection to the referral host cannot be established.

%ERROR:305: connection has been closed The connection to the server has been closed after a period of inactivity.

%ERROR:306: connections exceeded Number of connections from a single IP address has exceeded the maximum number allowed.

# NRTM Errors

%ERROR:401: invalid range: Not within <rst>-<last> This happens when the requested range or part of it is outside the serial numbers available at the server. <rst> is the lowest serial number available. <Last> is the most recent serial number available.

# Warnings

%WARNING:901: duplicate IP ags passed More than one IP flag (-x, -M, -m, -L, -l, -c, or -b) was passed to the server. Only the last one in the list of query flags will be used for this query.

%WARNING:902: useless IP flag passed An IP flag (-x, -M, -m, -L, -l, -c, or -b) was passed to the server when query did not include an IP key as the argument.