# Highlighted Values in the RIPE Database

This function highlights values in the RIPE Database that are maintained by the RIPE NCC. These values are subject to an established due diligence process, which is described in the RIPE NCC procedural document Due Diligence for the Quality of the RIPE NCC Registration Data (opens new window).

# Non-highlighted Values

Objects in the RIPE Database are mostly created and updated by users. The RIPE NCC makes every effort possible within its resources to keep the RIPE Database clean of false, obsolete and unnecessary data. However, the RIPE NCC cannot guarantee the accuracy of all data in the RIPE Database.

Inaccurate values in the RIPE Database, whether highlighted or not, should be reported to the RIPE NCC via the contact form (opens new window).

# Data not Published in the RIPE Database

The RIPE NCC keeps a comprehensive record of all Internet number resources registered within the RIPE NCC service region to ensure that each Resource Holder holds unique and legitimate IP address space and ASNs.

The collective of these data is generally referred to as the "RIPE Registry". Information in the RIPE Registry is subject to the specific and rigorous due diligence checks referred to above. As the RIPE Registry contains information that is subject to data protection laws and to confidentiality agreements between the RIPE NCC and its membership, much of this information cannot be made publicly available. Information from the RIPE Registry that appears in the RIPE Database is not restricted by confidentiality agreements.