# RPSL Object Types

In this section, the many types of objects in the RIPE Database are described. Objects contain a piece of information relating to an Internet resource or a supporting or administrative function.

For each object, a template shows which attributes are allowed for this type. The properties of the attributes are also shown, as they apply to the attributes within this object type. Following the template, some description is included about the definition and use of the included attributes.

In the object templates, required attributes are shown as ‘optional*'. This is because the concept of ‘required' was added long after the data model and syntax mechanism was designed. It is handled at a later stage by applying business rules built into the software. These templates are used by the software to apply syntax checks. We don't want to document them in a way that is significantly different to the way the software applies them. We want to make it clear that there is a difference between purely ‘optional' and ‘required'.