# List of Primary Objects

These are the currently supported objects in the RIPE Database that are considered to be primary data.

Object Type Short name Description
aut-num an Holds information about an Autonomous System (AS) Number. If it has "status: ASSIGNED" it is an authoritative resource assigned by the RIPE NCC and is part of the number registry (INR). It can also describe the external routing policy of the AS and is then part of the routing registry (IRR).
domain dn Reverse domain registrations. Any changes made to domain objects in the RIPE Database are reflected in the DNS zone files.
inet6num i6 Allocations and assignments of IPv6 address space.
inetnum in Allocations and assignments of IPv4 address space.
route rt IPv4 route advertised on the Internet.
route6 r6 IPv6 route advertised on the Internet.
as-set as Set of aut-num objects.
filter-set fs Set of routes matched by its filter.
inet-rtr ir Internet router.
peering-set ps Set of peerings.
route-set rs Set of routes.
rtr-set is Set of routers.