# List of Secondary Objects

These are the currently supported objects in the RIPE Database that are considered to be secondary data.

Object Type Short name Description
as-block ak Delegation of a range of Autonomous System (AS) Numbers to a given Regional Internet Registry or marked as reserved.
irt it Contact and authentication information about a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).
key-cert kc Public key certificate that is stored on the server, to be used with a mntner object for authentication when performing updates.
mntner mt Authentication information needed to authorise creation, deletion or modification of the objects protected by the mntner.
organisation oa Details of an organisation that hold some resources.
person pn Technical, administrative and DNS zone contacts. Also sometimes used to show an End User of a resource who has no involvement in the management of the resource. Contains personal information.
poem po Humorous poem to keep network engineers happy.
poetic-form pf Type of humour for a poem object.
role ro Technical, administrative, DNS zone and abuse contacts - describes a role performed by one or more people. Should contain business information only.