# Geolocation in the RIPE Database

The RIPE NCC is not a geolocation provider. Following a unanimous decision by the RIPE NCC Executive Board not to support resource expenditure in the area of geolocation services, the RIPE NCC has no plans to become a provider.

A number of companies provide geolocation services, including:

If you are a geolocation provider and would like to be added to this list, please contact us.

The RIPE Database offers the "geoloc:" attribute on ORGANISATION and INET(6)NUM objects that may or may not be used as an additional source of information by these providers.

If you want to update the geolocation on your inet(6)num object you can do so using webupdates. Just search for your object (opens new window) and update it. To add a "geoloc:" attribute, click the "+" icon and select the "geoloc:" attribute. The value can be entered as two floating point numbers if you know the longitude and latitude. Please be aware that this information may not be picked up by geolocation providers.

If you want to find the geolocation of an IP Resource, you can use the RIPEstat geolocation widget (opens new window).

Please be aware that geolocation information is added by the resource holders in the RIPE Database and the RIPE NCC does not verify this information.